Military Medal Collecting and the Stolen Valor Act 2005 – Collectors of US War Medals Beware!


Military medals are highly collectible yet care needs to be removed when considering their sale or purchase. There are no limits at the selling of British Army medals, for instance, and yet the exact same cannot be stated of U.S. Army awards. A distinction should be made between service awards along with gallantry awards. The sale of ceremony awards is lawful although the purchase of gallantry medals, on the face of this is maybe not and could land you using a large handsome and possibly a good jail sentence.

Service medals are given to all servicemen in recognition of their ceremony in a particular theater of war or effort. Simply being there is certainly sufficient to be eligible for that medal but so I should clarify I am in no way trying to be little the donation produced by all service men and women when on active serviceĀ trophies

Gallantry awards on the opposite hand are awarded for acts of conspicuous bravery at the surface of the enemy or conduct far above the call of duty.

The maximum award at the British Army may be that the Victoria Cross and some of the very famous types granted is seen in either the Imperial War Museum and also even the National Army Museum. The selling of this Victoria Cross isn’t illegal under British Law therefore there are a few sizable collections of Victoria Crosses in private handson. Hardly ever does a Victoria Cross come up for sale in auction nevertheless when it really does exactly the hammer cost will usually exceed $120,000.00.

In the U.S. Army the maximum award for gallantry is that the Medal of Honor, given to some serviceman who distinguishes himself”. . It can also be given to support girls, obviously.

The Medal of Honor is guarded from the Stolen Valor Act and its abuse is a national offense. It is punishable on conviction with a fine of up to $100,000.00 as well as a prison sentence up to one year at span. Wearing it and other gallantry awards whenever you’re not qualified to achieve this (and a few are!) Is an offense and also is the most important aim of this Act. It does, however, signify most collectors of military medals need to be familiar with the conditions of Stolen Valor Act, that came into power in December 2006.

The Stolen Valor Act renders unlawful the unauthorized usage, manufacture, purchase or maintain (both written or verbal) to any U.S. military trophy. Its objective is to guard the standing and importance of gallantry medals and it has been largely intended to block the manufacture and purchase of fakes. Its effect, but is to prevent their broader sale. Be aware, therefore, that it will apply to some U.S. gallantry medal offered for sale. You have been warned!