Your Marketing Funnel


Do you frequently wonder why it’s that a few coaches and other solo service providers seem to be renowned and desired in their niche although some others, many others (you, perhaps?) , still struggle to attract all the clients they’d like?

I can give you a simple (really!) Solution to that issue. It’s known as the Marketing funnel builder secrets pricing and if you implement it into your company, I promise you too can love being contemplated a expert, as well as attempting to sell more of your services and products. And you’ll just have more pleasurable!

You know what a funnel resembles, right? It’s wide and the top and tapers down into a narrow opening. When your prospects input your connection during your ezine or other (usually) freebie offering, they are in the”getting to know you”degree of the funnel. Once they get to know you, like you and trust you, then they likely will probably move to the next level, that include your for-fee products and services, your cheapest ones initially, increasing in value and cost while they continue , until they finally get to hiring one to another big ticket thing. That’s basically how a funnel system of marketing works.

I view a whole lot of coaches and other solo service professionals provide a freebie at the very top of their funnel, then their one-on-one service bundles at the bottom, with nothing in between. I have made this mistake myself. It’s important to have offerings at each level of your marketing funnel therefore people may continue to get to know, like and trust you, as well as get to know, like and trust your services and products.

And when you offer your products and services at different price points, then you are lowering the financial and emotional hazard for the prospects. You are essentially making it almost impossible for them never to purchase from you!

Implementing this technique is easy. Get going by attract prospects into your funnel. Create a freebie offering (an ezine, miniature ecourse, ebooks, name, guide, checklist, etc.) and put a sign-up form’above the fold’ and on your own website. You will want to add a hyperlink to your freebie offering in your email signature as well.

As an Example, one version of my current email signatures states:

“Are you on the brink of giving up on your business as you don’t have enough clients?

Don’t turn your back on your vision for entrepreneurial achievements.

That really is one noteworthy way I draw folks in my own funnel.

Once you have prospects in your funnel, find ways to provide them with more valuable content at increasingly higher prices because they have the funnel.

For example, the second level of your funnel could supply an ebook for $27 or a ecource for $3 9. The 3rd level might have a homestudy course for $147 or some series of tele seminars for $77 each. The fourth level might offer a bootcamp for $347, and the fifth degree might offer your one-on-one services to get $500.

Get the picture? Fabulous – go into it!