Guide to Using the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool


There’ll probably come a time when many Outlook users encounter corrupted or damaged.pst files which allow it to be impossible to gain access to most of Outlook folders for example contacts, calendar, tasks, and also email. Ofcourse this may be a massive problem, although perhaps not to stress, there’s a remedy.

Luckily, Microsoft has included a”in box repair” tool . new invention While that is very good news, it’s buried deep inside the Program Files folder onto your own hard disk drive. This guide is going to allow you to locate and make use of the inbox repair tool which might assist you to mend and revive your private Storage dining table (PST) files which are therefore very important to the functionality of Outlook.

In these cases we’re supposing your drive is on the C drive; even when it doesn’t alter the document path examples below suitably.

Inch. See the beneath route with Windows Explorer:

2. In these folders, then you need to find the document – ScanPst.exe. Once you conduct the.exe, then you’ll need to navigate to the present location of one’s recent.pst document before hitting on”Start”.

3. Await your Inbox Repair tool to fully scan the damaged.pst document and establish the errors. In case the application will mend the PST file, then the scanning outcome record will demonstrate the errors which may be adjusted.


Subsequent to the Inbox Repair application has mended all of the errors it could, a retrieved form of the.pst document is made. You have to let Outlook know this is the.pst document which should be utilized. Todo this, you Will Need to direct Outlook into the recovered.pst document the Following:



3. As soon as the Folder List is available, you are going to have the ability to observe that the”Recovered Personal Folders” folder along with most of the typical personal folders which comprises a”Lost and Found” folder.

4. In the event the repair was powerful you’ll locate file which the reparation tool mended. In case the”Lost and Found” folder remains empty, then the repair was ineffective.

5. If you can track down the repaired.pst document, then you’ll need to produce a new folder which will house the repaired.pst file.

6. Grab the files out of the”retrieved” document into your new file.

There’ll be occasions if that the built-in utility is not able to correct files that are corrupted. If this really is true, you might need to make use of a 3rd party application that’s intended to find and fix badly damaged.pst files.

These apps are incredibly simple to use and therefore are frequently the first option in regards to in box repair. Most Outlook users like to make use of those apps to fix tune errors with no Inbox Repair tool which is built in Outlook. The option is yoursbut you also could recover and repair your Private Storage dining table files.

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