Protect Yourself From Online Pharmacy Fraud


Since 2003 we have learnt much when dealing with online pharmacies and today we want to share with you some very important guide-lines that will help you to determine who you can trust when doing business on the internet.

Do they have contact information?

It is an alarming fact that 90% of online pharmacies out there do not list a phone number or a physical address. This basically tells us they don’t want to talk to their customers and they want to remain anonymous. Also from the remaining 10% most of them outsource their call center to a 3rd party which generally means they just take orders and are unable to answer your questions. One of the very first things we suggest you to do when visiting an online pharmacy is to check their contact page and see if they have contact information. If they have a phone number try give them a call and see how much they know about the company they are working for – you may be very surprised Online pharmacy.

Do they have a reputable domain name?

Take your time and look at the address bar on the top of your internet browser – does it look like a reputable domain name?

A reputable domain name is something
If the address you see is something like: domains are usually up today and gone tomorrow.
If you have Google Toolbar installed you can also check their PR rating which is an indicator of how Google ranks the site for quality. They should have at least a PR4.

How did you found the site?

Under no circumstances should you trust sites that you found following a link from an unsolicited e-mail (also known as SPAM) – we even recommend you to delete these kinds of messages as soon as you receive them.

Also don’t trust banner ads on other sites – generally these kind of sites never verify the targeted sites and they put those banners there just for their own benefit. They are either paid for the number of visitors that see / click the banners, or, they are paid with a certain commission from the sales.

How many products do they sell?

We don’t say that this is 100% accurate; but generally sites that have hundreds and thousands of products in their inventory are much more likely to be trustful – it’s always easier (and quicker) to throw up a 10 product site than a 5,000 products site.

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