Mobile Is the Future: The Future Is NOW! Pt 4: Medical Marijuana


States Across the United States Have Been entangled in a Conflict with the Authorities over the legalization of Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Within California, as well as in 14 other states and the District of Columbia, possession of a certain amount of Marijuana is legal under diverse directions and restrictions. Dispensaries must operate as rigorously regulated nonprofits and risk confrontation with national officials regarding their own operations. This poses certain challenges to the proprietors of those operations.

The biggest difficulty they have is communication with their patients. Discretion is extremely important when it comes to communication. As important is timeliness. When a favorite breed is chosen, the patients who prefer that number wish to get contacted as fast as you can, without a great deal of fanfare. These organizations can’t simply broadcast their offers through normal channels. You’re not going to listen to any television or radio ads announcing a 2-4 hour purchase on”Maui Wowie” or even”Strawberry Diesel”. It had been just a couple of years past that many of these”patients” were made to turn into back street drug dealers to obtain their”medicine”. Even the existing system keeps a few of that air. Patients have to wait InRoom before becoming buzzed in through a security door. Clerks work behind glass. Federal authorities could raid the facility at any moment. Everyone else involved is stressed and on high

SMS messaging addresses many of these difficulties. Text messages are personal to the person receiving them. Maybe a person doesn’t need those around him or her to know that they use Marijuana for Medicinal purposes. If a client receives a text message telling them of a bargain on”Purple Kush”, no one around them need to understand. Timing is crucial because of freshness. According to the New York Times, 80 percent of text messages have been read within an hour. Dispensaries can also use the tech to inform patients of dwindling supplies, 4:20 Happy Hour specials, and on occasion even to sound the alert to steer clear of the dispensary altogether as a result of an FBI or DEA raid. While part of this may seem too dramatic, these are real conditions that dispensaries and their clientele must deal with on daily basis.

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